Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Battle of the Asian vs Western BB Cream

Over the past month I've had a couple of people ask me what my favorite bb cream was and I really couldn't say because I only have tried one and it is an Asian BB cream that I ordered online.  To be completely honest, I've been a little snobby towards the Western versions of BB Creams.  I feel like cosmetic companies took their tinted moisturizer formula and just renamed it "BB Cream" once they saw how popular they were in Asia.  In fact, I've seen a blog compare a CoverGirl tinted moisturizer vs their BB Cream.  The ingredients list is exactly the same!  Not cool!
Yesterday I went to Walmart and decided to give Garnier's bb cream a try since I've heard so many great reviews about it's oily/combo version.  Plus I've really been needing a lightweight tinted moisturizer to get me thru this AZ heat.
Today we are going to look at an Asian bb cream, Lioele versus the Westernized version by Garnier.
Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream
 I purchased my Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream last year from Pretty and Cute for $28.49 for 50ml.  Here are the claims from the website: "Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream’s main functions are Whitening, UV Protection, and Wrinkle Care. Arbutin ingredients naturally brighten skin and create a more even looking complexion, while plant extracts help boost cell regeneration to smooth out fine lines. The SPF contained in this product doesn’t only product skin from harmful UV rays but also improves the results in the other two main functions. This BB cream also moisturizes and nourishes the skin to improve our health with yogurt and hyaluronic acid ingredients."
Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream
Combination to Oily Skin in Medium/Deep
I purchased my Garnier BB Cream from Walmart for $11.97 for 60ml.  The company claims: "Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream for Combination to Oily Skin immediately mattifies, minimizes pores, and conceals imperfections to give skin a naturally smooth, flawless finish. Save time with just one multi-benefit product that combines advanced skincare and immediate skin perfecting coverage. Broad spectrum SPF 20 sunscreen protects against harmful effects of the sun when used with other sun protection measures. Formulation Facts: dermatologist tested for safety, non comedogenic, won't clog pores, non acnegenic, won't cause breakouts, gentle to skin, oil-free, and non-greasy."
The Breakdown:
Lioele:  I was not a fan of the scent of this bb cream.  The only thing I can think of to describe this is old lady perfume.  It has a strong floral scent and was very off-putting to me.  My husband however, made a point to tell me how good my face smelled so I guess this scent is going to be a hit or miss.  The smell didn't bother me once it had been applied.
Garnier: There is absolutely no scent that I can detect from this.  I was pleasantly surprised considering Garnier is known for it's strong perfumey scents, even in their skincare products. 
Winner:  Garnier is the clear winner in this category. 

(Left: Garnier, Right: Lioele)
Lioele:  As you can see in the above picture, Lioele is pretty thick.  I am holding the cream on my arm sideways and it has not even begun to slide.  Because it is so thick, it does feel a little heavy and thick when applying on my face.  Also, a little bit of this goes a long way!
Garnier:  Garnier is much more runny.  I put it on my arm and held it sideways to take a picture of and it almost dripped onto the floor while the Lioele cream didn't budge.  It feels very light when rubbed into the skin. 
Winner:  I am surprised to say that Garnier wins this category as well.  I much prefer Garnier's lighter, thinner consistency as opposed to thick and heavy.

Left: Garnier, Right: Lioele 
Lioele:  With this brand of bb cream it's a one color fits all.  There are no color choices.  I don't love that.  When you first apply, as seen above, it leaves a slight white/gray cast.  Once the cream has set, it blends well into my skin.  What I love about Lioele's formula is that a little goes a long way.  One full pump is actually too much for me.  A small dot on each check is probably enough to give me medium coverage. 
Garnier:  I really struggled with deciding which color to buy.  My two choice were light/medium or medium/deep.  I wish they had just a "medium" choice.  I decided to go with medium/deep based solely on the color swatches I saw online.  After trying it, the color is not perfect, it's a little dark but when I sheer it out, it works.  This will probably be too dark for me in the winter.  I think light/medium would have been too light so this was the best choice.  This is a runnier formula but surprisingly has good coverage.  I love how light this product feels on my skin, like I don't have any makeup on.
Winner:  This one is a tie.  I think both bb creams have good consistency and color but there are also some negatives to both.
 Lioele:  This bb cream lasts me 4-6 hours and a little over 6 hours if I use a setting spray.  After that it starts to breakdown especially around my nose and forehead, where I tend to get the most oily.
Garnier:  I think this lasts about 5-6 hours before it starts to get a little patchy and wears down around my T zone.  As with Lioele's, it will last longer if I set it with a setting spray.
Winner: The longevity of these two are very similar and neither claim to be long wearing.  I think Garnier tends to last a little longer, especially since it is made to be a mattifier.  So I'll give this to Garnier but it was close!
Lioele:  I love the packaging.  It's so cute with pink and white diamond shapes and the little Cinderella carriage.  The absolute best part is the pump!  Every foundation, bb cream, moisturizer, ect should have a pump! (Hope you're listening Revlon!)  It is a high quality pump and easy to use to get the exact amount desired.
Garnier:  Eh, it's my biggest complaint about this product.  There is no pump and this product is runny so when you open it, the product is all over in the lid and can be messy, as you can see in picture above.
Winner:  Hands down, Lioele.  Love the pump! And the pink!


 I do think that these products are just so completely different that it is hard to compare.  But if we look at which bb cream won the most categories and we also keep in mind price and availability I think it's easy to say that Garnier's Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream for Combination to Oily Skin is the best choice.
My snobbery towards Westernized bb creams has been forever changed!  Now I could argue that Asian bb creams are claimed to have long term benefits while Western versions do not but that is a whole different post.  I have not noticed any long term effects from my Lioele BB Cream but I also do not wear it daily.
What is your favorite bb cream?


  1. Thanks for such a thorough review! I've been struggling about which BB cream to try for the summer.

    Thanks for sharing this post on Weekend Reads too! :)