Thursday, June 20, 2013

Worth the Splurge??! The NAKED Palette

I really want the focus of this blog to be about affordable makeup but I thought every once in a while it would be fun to talk about the higher end products that are or are not worth the splurge.
Today, lets look at my dear ol' Naked palette.
When I first started hearing about this palette a few years ago, it was impossible to find in stores. Every place was sold out and it made me so curious to know, is it really ALL THAT?  I bought a few "dupes" to try and satisfy this need for Naked in my life but nothing really seemed to compare to the whole palette and all the colors it offered.   Oh the drama!
But then my wonderful husband surprised me with my very own Naked palette for Mother's Day last year.  And... I love it!  Like I said before, there are palettes said to be dupes but I didn't find anything that really matched the greatness of this palette.  There are a lot of individual colors from this palette that can be compared, I listed a few in my comfort zone post, but to me this palette is one of a kind.  Whenever I do travel or pack a makeup bag, this little guy is all I need. 
 The shadows are so pigmented and buttery smooth. They go on like a dream and blend out effortlessly.  Take a look!
Colors: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal
I will say the names are not the greatest.  Why didn't UD ask for my input when naming these colors?
Without Flash

With Flash

Here are a few of my favorite and frequent looks from this palette:
Everyday Eye: Virgin, Naked and Buck
 This is what I use on an everyday basis; for days when I'm running errands and doing things around the house.  Buck contours the eye without making it look like I'm wearing a ton of makeup and virgin is a great highlight without loads of shimmer, just leaves a pretty sheen. 

Bronzey Goodness: Virgin, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhourse

I love a bronzed eye!  I think that every skin tone and every eye color looks beautiful with bronze shadow.  I especially love this look in the summer time!  It makes me feel a little better about living in 110 degree heat.
Smokey Eye Simplified: Virgin, Naked, Buck, Hustle, Creep
Everyone wants to know how to do a sultry smokey eye.  I am not claiming to be a master but I think this combo makes for a great smokey eye and it's not too harsh or dark.  The key is to blend, blend, blend!

There are so many other color combos you could come up with, these are just three that I tend to do often.

As you can tell, I love my Naked palette.  I do believe that there are great drugstore options but I will say that this gets a SPLURGE WORTHY rating from me.  So next time your hubs or bank account gives you the thumbs up, get yourself a treat and pick this palette up!

The Naked palette can be bought at Ulta for $50 and right now they are having a free gift with purchase.   Also, I was super excited to find that on Amazon a seller has this palette (new) listed for about $36 HERE.

So what do you think? Do you have the Naked palette?  Do you think it's worth the splurge?

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  1. Definitely worth the splurge! I was hesitant at first too--- but now I love it and want the 3rd palette too!