Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why Blog? Beauty?

For the past year I have thought to myself how fun it would be to do a blog.  Makeup and bargain shopping FOR makeup has become a little hobby of mine. 

Last week a good friend of mine texted me and said she was at the store and wanted to know what makeup products I thought she should get.  That was such an open ended question!  I was so excited to tell her all my favorite things that I must have sent her a 4 or 5 text list of all the great things she needed to try at Target.  I'm sure by the end, she was regretting sending me that text! 

I love talking about makeup, about what works and doesn't and I love when others tell me their finds too!  So even though for the past year, I've told myself it's silly to make this blog, who would even read it(?), I've decided to just do it.  Even if it's just for my own entertainment, for my five minute break from my crazy, but pretty darn adorable kids! If others actually want to read it too then great!

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