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Wet n Wild Comfort Zone review, dupes and comparisons

A few days ago I went to CVS and "bought" the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette.  I've had my eyes on it for a while and with my extrabucks, $1 off peelie coupon and a 25% off total purchase it ended up being almost free!  I think I ended up paying 49 cents!  If you don't have any coupons, the palette retails at CVS for around $5.
I've always loved Wet n Wild eyeshadows.  They are such great quality, super pigmented and the best part... VERY affordable!  I've heard really good things about this palette, particularly that there are a ton of dupes.  While I was comparing them to my MAC and Urban Decay colors, I was impressed by how much more smooth some of these felt than it's higher end comparables! 

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone
Below are swatches of the palette. I have included dupes and comparable shadows above some of the WnW colors. Scroll down to see names and more pictures.
With flash
Natural light

I was able to find dupes to a few of my MAC and Urban Decay eyeshadows.  I'm sure there are plenty more out there but this is just within my collection.  A few looked so similar in the pan but once swatched, they were very different!  All of the swatches are without primer and in one swipe.
The top left shade is a yellowish-beige color, I found it to be very similar to MAC's Rice Paper.  Even the sheen is similar. 
WnW (left), Rice Paper (right)
 As you can see WnW is actually more pigmented with one swipe!

Next is the second shade on the left.  It is a shimmery, pinky champagne color.  It is comparable to MAC's All that Glitters, which is one of my favorite lid colors! 
Wet n Wild (left), All That Glitters (right)
As you can see the WnW color has a slight redder undertone but they are pretty darn close! 
I tried comparing MAC's Woodwinked with this 3rd color on left, a medium brown with shimmer and found although it looked similar in the pan, WnW is slightly darker. I also tried Urban Decay's Smog but they were even more different. 
WnW (left), Woodwinked (right)

The darkest brown in this palette is very pretty and pigmented.  I wasn't able to find a dupe or really anything comparable in my collection which surprised me because I'm a sucker for reddish brown eyeshadows! I've seen others say it is a dupe for MAC's Smut but I don't have this color to compare.

Moving over to the right side, I was pretty confident that MAC's Vex would be a perfect match since they are pretty much identical in the pan.  (My poor Vex is getting to the end of it's days!)

WnW (left), Vex (right)

Although they look identical in the pan, the WnW shade is much more pigmented.  I love Vex on the lid, but it really didn't swatch well.  I also wonder if I would have been able to get a better swatch if I wasn't working with an almost empty pan!
I was not able to find anything in my collection that looked close to the 2nd color on the right.  I tried Humid by MAC but the WnW shade is much lighter.  I've heard it's a dupe for MAC's Juxt but I don't have that color to compare.
The third shade on the left looked a lot like Sumptuous Olive by MAC but when I swatched them, they were very different.  My closest match was Darkhorse by Urban Decay.  Although they are not exact, when applied to the lid, I could not tell the difference! Darkhorse swatches a little warmer.

WnW (left), Darkhorse (right)

Last but not least, the final color in this palette is my absolute favorite! This was actually the first color I wanted to swatch because it's so darn pretty.  I was pretty sure this was going to be an exact dupe for MAC's Club but I was really surprised with the results!
WnW (left), Club (right)
 I was amazed by how much more pigmented the WnW shade swatched!  This was just one swipe and the duo chrome is very evident.  While Club appears to have that same duo chrome in the pan, it does not swatch the same.  I have to say, I prefer the WnW shade to Club!
Overall, I think this is a great palette for around $5!  You get eight pigmented eyeshadows for less than the price of one MAC shadow!  I also have found that they wear just as well throughout the day as my MAC and UD.  My biggest complaint about this palette is that there are no matte shades!  I know Wet n Wild is capable of making good matte shades but I don't understand why they chose not to include at least one!  Because of it's lack of matte shadows, I don't feel like this could be that one and only palette to travel with.  But other than lack of matte shades, I think it's a great palette!
What do you think of the Comfort Zone palette?

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  1. I love this palette and these swatches are so helpful! It canvinced me not to get Vex just yet, since I already have the Wet n Wild palette :)